Christmas gift ideas 2022: 15 tips for original (and even low-cost) gifts

Beautiful gifts for Christmas: what to give at Christmas 2022 without spending a fortune?

You don't know what to give as a Christmas present, what gift to ask for and you don't know your way around with so much choice? We have what you need: with this list of 20 original Christmas gift ideas, we want to help you choose a little something for Christmas, gifts that are not too expensive but also tips for surprising Christmas presents. But let's start with an important piece of advice: if you are looking for ideas for low-cost Christmas presents without spending too much, you shouldn't wait until the last minute! Using autumn and pre-Christmas promotions is crucial for choosing cheap Christmas gifts. For example: the best online offers can be found during Black Friday 2022, just one month before Christmas. All the biggest brands, and now also small shops and stores, offer exclusive discounts during Black Friday (Friday 25 November 2022) and during Black Week 2022, which starts on 21 November and ends with Cyber Monday (28 November 2022). From flights to bags to electronics - Black Friday is the day with the lowest prices of the year and the most unmissable online promotions.

Bracciali da regalare a Natale 2022

But that's not all: if you want to give a Christmas present on the cheap, our advice is to monitor the brands' social pages to be aware of any promotions or exclusive discounts. Above all, remember that, in order to buy low-cost Christmas presents or get extra discounts, all you need to do in many cases is subscribe to the newsletter (many brands or online shops offer a discount code for your first purchase or reserve special discounts for newsletter subscribers).

What to give at Christmas? The best gifts for every type of person, guide

With this guide to the best Christmas gifts for 2022, you will know exactly what to give to friends, girlfriends and boyfriends, parents, employers, colleagues: we have arranged our Christmas gift ideas according to the hobbies, passions, jobs of the people in your life. That includes yourself (in case you were wondering what to give yourself or get for Christmas). Here they are, 15 beautiful gifts for Christmas!

  1. What to give your boyfriend at Christmas

Jewellery, especially bracelets and watches (among the best gifts to give a man), high-tech accessories (phones, smartwatches, soundbars, barbecues, beauty devices, household appliances), backpacks, suitcases: we have included all the gift ideas for your boyfriend in this guide to original gifts for him. If you want to be daring, here's an idea: a simple, high-quality white t-shirt or tailored t-shirt is definitely the right answer if you don't know what to get your boyfriend for Christmas. It may sound trivial, but think about it: everyone loves to feel the comfort of a good fabric on them, but they are often put off by the prices. A gift is still a gift and your loved one will appreciate it. Choose the t-shirt according to his taste: V-neck or round neckline, short sleeves or long sleeves, with pocket or without. If the idea of giving a simple t-shirt as a present does not convince you, apply the same principle to other garments: shirts, trousers, jackets or hats of good quality and good fabric are always welcome!

  1. What to give your girlfriend at Christmas

Her favourite perfume, the handbag she has wanted for a long time, a trip, a piece of jewellery, a travel bag, a voucher for her favourite shop, a subscription to her favourite newspaper, a painting (a perfect gift idea for art lovers): choose what to give your girlfriend at Christmas according to her tastes and your wishes. Do you want to give her something that will last? Would you prefer a useful gift? Has she already made her wish for a Christmas present clear? These are the questions you should ask yourself while choosing a Christmas present for her. Here's a tip: customizing a gift is always a romantic idea. Some of our customers have told us they have given one of our bracelets to boyfriends and girlfriends while looking for the one inspired by the city that bound them together (or the one which reminded them of a trip or a special date, for example). If you wish, you can have a look at our online bracelet shop and let us know if you find the right gift for her!

  1. What to give someone who loves travelling, or is always on the move

Gifts for those who like to travel can be scary because of the high price: however, you don't necessarily have to gift a trip, a flight or anything else that requires an excessive expense. There are several options if you are looking for an inexpensive gift idea for someone who loves to travel! Those who are always on the move necessarily need a thermal water bottle (you can find them in all types and price ranges, and you can even customize them with the name of the person receiving the gift!), a handy wallet, a Lonely Planet guidebook, a neck mobile phone holder (a perfect low-cost gift idea!), or a book set in certain cities or countries. The book NEW YORK STORIES, edited by Paolo Cognetti, is an excellent gift for those who love New York or those who are going there soon: it is a collection of short stories set in the Big Apple, divided by era, by authors such as Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Truman Capote, Don Delillo, Oriana Fallaci, Richard Yates and many others.

  1. What to give a 10-year-old for Christmas

Ten-year-olds are in a very delicate phase of their lives, because they are about to become teenagers. At a time like that, when they are growing and refining their idea of themselves, it can be useful to give them something that encourages or invites them to deepen their passions through exploration and sharing. If you don't know what to give a 10-year-old child, consider these two rules: choose gifts that encourage socialising (such as board games or role-playing games which leave room for imagination and experimentation), always ask what appeals to them most - each single child has different passions! The perfect gift for a 10-year-old child is that gift - even a small one - that fosters a talent, a passion, an interest.

  1. What to give to make-up lovers

The perfect gift idea for make-up lovers or beauty addicts exists: you have plenty of choice! From a make-up station (with illuminated mirrors) to an organiser for brushes, eye pencils and lipsticks (ideal gifts for those who already have a lot of make-up products and wish to keep them in order), to a gift voucher on the website of their favourite make-up brand, or a private make-up lesson or consultation with an expert, and even a colour analysis session (an ideal gift for those who wish to discover which make-up and colours suit them best according to their colour characteristics). You really are spoilt for choice here!

  1. What to give to a TV series fans

Are you looking for a Christmas gift idea for someone who loves TV series? You have several options: the first is a subscription to one of the many streaming platforms available (Netflix, TimVision, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Chili, DAZN and others). If, on the other hand, you are looking for an inexpensive gift idea for film and TV series lovers, here are a few ideas: really good headphones - maybe wireless -, themed merchandise (t-shirts, hats, backpacks, gadgets, key rings, mugs, notebooks).

  1. What to give to those who love DIY and crafting

If you are looking for a Christmas gift idea for DIY enthusiasts, here's a secret: DIY enthusiasts always need a good toolbox, a set of screwdriver bits, a hot glue gun and a good drill. Easy, isn't it?

  1. Christmas gifts for those who have just bought a house (or are furnishing it)

Gifts for the home are among the most popular ever: they can range from household appliances (very useful gifts) to paintings, plants, designer chairs, vases. If you want to give a gift to someone who has a new house or is furnishing it, if you are simply wondering what to give for Christmas while spending little, or if you don't know what to give someone who has everything, 'gifts for the home' is the answer for you! Wide choice, for every pocket, ideal for inexpensive gifts and for more important presents. Here are some Christmas gift ideas for the home: scented candles, glass sets, designer lamps, fun accessories for the kitchen (cutlery, cutting boards, bottle holders), basic home textiles (tablecloth and napkin sets, cushions, silk sheets). If you want to give a gift for the home at Christmas, play it safe: there is something for every taste and every budget.

  1. Christmas gifts for music lovers

If you don't know what to give someone who loves music, let us advise you: you have several expensive and economical gift ideas that are also good for Christmas. If you listen to a lot of music or like podcasts, you will be happy to receive a subscription for a music streaming platform (you only need to buy a gift card or a gift voucher with various price ranges that you can choose according to your financial means, from 10 to 60 euros). You can also give a music lover a record player, a turntable, Bluetooth speakers to listen to music anywhere, gadgets, themed accessories and concert tickets.

  1. Christmas gifts for Generation Z

Not sure what to get someone between the ages of 11 and 25? Here are two inexpensive gift ideas for Generation Z: a disposable camera (GenZ has never experienced developing photos before and, by the way, disposable cameras are very popular with young people!), something sustainable and green (water bottle, bicycle, make-up or cruelty-free products, solid cosmetics). If, on the other hand, you are looking for a gift for Generation Z and have no budget limits, try these ideas: Hoppipolla is a cultural project that offers the possibility to buy a box with surprise contents (books, gadgets, design products) promoting independent culture. The perfect gift for a young person who loves to read is also a gift voucher or any purchase from portals specialising in the sale of independent and collector's magazines (take a look at Frab's). You can also buy caps, sports caps or travel backpacks!

  1. Christmas gifts for those who are very sensitive to the cold

There are so many gift ideas for those who are sensitive to the cold: from USB-connected warming gloves to hot chocolate sets. If you don't know what to give to those who have everything, choose something to warm up their days (it's always useful!), such as warming slippers, a hot water bottle, a bed warmer or electric foot warmer, an oversized blanket with sleeves and a hood. Did we inspire you?

  1. Original Christmas gifts for a person who has everything

Choosing a gift for someone who has everything could send you into a crisis, so we'll give you some perfect gift ideas for Christmas. Surely a person who has everything will already have a set of coffee cups but will not have tasted all the blends available on the market. The right gift for a person who has everything could be a set of flavoured coffees or a special blend. Another gift idea for a person who has everything is a 'non-gift', or rather a charity gift (the Emergency charity organisation offers various types of solidarity gifts, for example) or a sustainable gift: some foundations or B Corps fund agro-forestry projects in different parts of the world. Treedom, among all the others, offers the possibility of giving a tree as a gift: whoever receives it can then receive a photo of the tree planted and know where it will grow.

  1. Christmas gifts for those who love food (or love to cook)

A cooking class, a food processor, a set of pasta cutters, a good set of pots and pans, a dinner in a nice restaurant, recipe and cooking books, but also Christmas hampers and typical products. Choosing a Christmas gift for food lovers is easy! In addition to the typical gourmet products, you can opt for an artisanal panettone (you can also find many online!) or for a panettone made by a star chef, with wide price ranges (you can spend from 23 to 190 euros!). Find out the culinary news of 2022 (last year's food trends suggest plant-based foods and traditional ingredients, for a return to basics!). Remember that gifting food means playing it safe, so we can safely say we are looking at the ideal Christmas gift for in-laws, parents, brothers-in-law and friends. A good impression is guaranteed!

  1. What to give your employer at Christmas?

If you feel like giving a Christmas present to your employer but don't know how to go about it, we suggest you play it safe by choosing useful gifts for work (pens, quality office products, phone cases) or quality gifts (a good bottle of wine is always nice!). If your relationship with your employer is confidential, if you know them well, you can give them tickets to a theatre performance or a concert. These are also good gift ideas for colleagues! You are spoilt for choice between notebooks, diaries, books.

  1. What to get (or give yourself) for Christmas

Don't know what to ask for as a Christmas present and can't choose what to give yourself? Aim for something useful: wireless earphones if you are often on the phone, a bag you would not normally buy (as a reward for an achievement), a trip or a day of massage at a spa. Giving yourself a gift is rewarding and has numerous benefits: it can be a self-motivating gift or incentive, it reduces stress and is useful to celebrate a professional or personal milestone. If you have been wanting something for a long time, simply give it to yourself: at Christmas you can!

What is Secret Santa and what to give for Secret Santa? 5 gift ideas under 10 euros

Secret Santa is an 'anonymous' gift exchange between friends, family, colleagues: the recipient of the gift does not know the identity of the sender. The members of the group are then randomly assigned a person to give the gift to: this is a fun way of exchanging gifts, the result of a Western Christmas tradition.

For these reasons, choosing a gift for the Secret Santa is really a challenge, because in most cases you might not know anything about the person who will receive the gift or because you have a limited budget. If you have no idea what to give for a Secret Santa (maybe you've landed a colleague you don't know!) don't panic, we have a list of 5 cheap Christmas gift ideas under 5 euros that everyone will love:

  1. Whatever you see at Flying Tiger, the chain of low-cost gift shops;

  2. A very simple cup: plain, with a handle, but make sure it retains heat!

  3. a set of pens, pencils, post-it notes (who doesn't love stationery?)

  4. a tube squeezer for toothpastes and creams

  5. a succulent plant

You haven't found what you were looking for and now you don't know what to give at Christmas? Get inspired, check out our collection of colourful beaded bracelets for him and her by Aua.

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