Black Friday 2022, a guide to the best online deals

Black Friday, Black Week, Cyber Monday: a guide

What is Black Friday? 

It all began in 1924 in New York, at Macy's to be exact, with a parade on the Friday after Thanksgiving to kick off the magical Christmas season. However, the real Black Friday only exploded in the 1980s: the day with the lowest prices of the year and incredible online promotions then arrived in Italy achieving great success, thanks also to the long list of Black Friday discounts that allow you to shop online and in stores at much lower prices than those offered during the rest of the year. Just to give you an idea: in America, some chains are able to make offers of more than 50% off on all kinds of product: electronics, cosmetics, clothing, accessories, jewellery.

This article in the Post explains very well what Black Friday is, when it came into being and what is the origin of the name of what we call 'Black Friday'. We too take part in Black Friday discounts with unique promotions that can last an entire week (the so called Black Week) and then end with Cyber Monday, the first Monday after Black Friday, initially dedicated to discounts on electronics products.

When does Black Friday 2022 start? 

Black Friday 2022 will take place on 25 November, as always on the Friday after Thanksgiving (Thursday 24 November). There are many Black Friday offers, and in recent years many Italian stores and brands - after some scepticism - started to offer Black Friday discounts, both online and in physical stores. To find out which sites are participating in Black Friday, simply monitor your Wishlist, subscribe to newsletters (always a good tip is to keep an eye on exclusive promotions and receive discount vouchers) and follow the brands on social media. All communications are often made well in advance: remember that Black Friday ends in a few hours, but the discounts continue!

How long is Black Friday 2022 and when is Cyber Monday?

Black Friday ends at the end of the day on Friday (i.e. Friday 25 November) but Black Week 2022 starts on Monday 21 November and ends with Cyber Monday, Monday 28 November 2022. This rule applies to both physical stores and online shops, except for individual shop initiatives. Braccialetti Aua is taking part in the upcoming Black Friday 2022 with unmissable discounts and offers.

What to buy during Black Friday 2022? 

On Black Friday you can shop for all kinds of discounts and take advantage of exclusive promotions and offers - buying Christmas presents during Black Week is a good idea! Here's a list of tips for a guide to the best Black Week 2022 deals. What is worth buying?

  • Black Friday Home Appliances: Over the last two years our appliances have been working really hard, it's time to give them a break with new and innovative household solutions or replace them. Buying appliances during Black Friday is the rule, and it's a very good advantage for you! Washing machines, dryers, latest generation appliances, wine cellars, dishwashers, home automation: don't miss out on the best Black Friday discounts for renovating your home. The same rule applies to Black Friday and phones: if you feel like a change, now is the time;
  • Bracelets and Black Friday: how many times have you looked at that bracelet but you decided to buy it later? Black Friday is the best time to treat yourself: discover all the amazing Black Friday discounts on the Braccialetti Aua Collection, the bright and natural coloured lampwork glass drop bracelets, by subscribing to our newsletter or staying updated on our channels. Buying a bracelet during Black Friday is also a good gift idea for him, perfect if you want to play it safe with your Christmas presents. You can choose from a variety of bracelet models for men and women, from classic lines with coloured glass drops to silver bracelet models with glass drops;
  • Buy flights for Black Friday, to plan Christmas weekends or to get ahead with spring break planning or even summer holidays. Whether you're a long-term organiser or a fan of last-minute travel, buying flights during Black Friday is a good idea. All airlines are offering discounts for Black Friday, so stay tuned!
  • Black Friday and clothing: new purchases, change of look, unmissable bargains. Black Friday is the right time of year to renew your wardrobe and take advantage of discounts on exclusive brands;
  • Black Friday and solidarity: many brands support solidarity projects and promote initiatives in favour of charities, non-profit organisations and associations. In recent years, many companies have donated part of their profits to foundations and non-profit organisations. 

Start filling your Wishlist, check out AUA's colourful glass drop bracelets, perfect for men and women, keep an eye out for new collections and limited editions. 

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