Men's accessories 2022: 5 must-haves seen on the catwalk

Men's accessories in the autumn/winter 2022 fashion collections: what are they?

Creativity, colour, optimism: the new collections for men's fashion autumn/winter 2022 are a hymn to life, a tribute to the return - albeit gradual - to normality. The desire to return to everyday life is clearly shown on the catwalk, with the usual style but with the comfort we have come to appreciate over the past year. Work-from-home outfits are still there, but they have also inspired casual and urban styles and trends, leading to a creative reinterpretation of classic garments in a modern, smart, comfortable key.

After all, as fashion designer Tom Ford said, an awareness gained during the lockdown lies under his latest style choices: "I decided to create clothes that help you smile'. A mixture of optimism and hope underlies the new men's fashion trends 2022, with clothes that make you feel good.

Men's fashion for winter 2022 thus dictates a new idea of style, combining comfort and elegance, abandoning serious looks to make room for colourful patterns and basic garments, from backpacks to soft moccasins, without forgetting the accessories that make you look unique and personalised, such as bracelets.

What men's accessories should you absolutely have?

  • Men's belt, trends 2022.

Whether handmade or designer, the men's belt is a cult item in the men's fashion trends of 2022. The men's belt is included among the essential men's accessories that cannot be missing from every man's wardrobe: a bit like the light blue shirt and classic shoes. Depending on the season, it is possible to choose belts in different models to match the type of fabric of the outfit: in summer, therefore, green light for braided and coloured belts. Men's winter belts can make every outfit unique, so they should be chosen carefully according to colour combinations, the type of shoes and the style of the look - be it smart or casual. A black leather belt for men, for example, remains a great classic, one of the accessories every man should have in his wardrobe. And it's also a great gift idea for him!

  • Men's work bag.

The shoulder bag is the must-have men's accessory for next autumn/winter 2022. We have seen them on the male catwalks in every colour and shape, perfect to wear both during the day (to go to the office) and in the evening, to lighten up more 'serious' looks. Again, confirming the FW22 men's fashion trends, the style is hybrid: a little bit elegant, a little bit sporty. The shoulder bag changes shape but remains one of the must-have accessories for men.

  • Men's fashion 2022: backpack or fanny pack?

The right answer is: both! The men's fanny pack is making a strong comeback among every man's must-haves. After a period of love and hate, fanny pack is back in menswear to replace the classic men's leather backpack like any respectable trend (go ahead and retrieve vintage fanny packs from your wardrobes!), thanks to their convenience and practicality. Ideal for an urban outfit, it is also possible to find some in leather - more elegant than ever - that are non-trivial and impressive. Fanny packs are definitely one of the cult accessories for autumn winter 2022.

  • Men's accessories you can't miss: trainers.

The trendy men's shoes for winter 2022 are undoubtedly trainers. From classic to limited-edition models, high or low, this type of men's shoe is a true passe-partout for every outfit. Perfect to break up the monotony of a suit or to give character to an urban look, trainers are perhaps the iconic men's accessory of the winter 2022 catwalks: comfortable, versatile, cool.

  • Men's hats

The beret is the must-have accessory for men's looks this winter, in every fabric and colour. We are dealing with one of the oldest garments, which originated as a man's hat and symbolised a particular, bohemian style. What's more, during winter, the beret is a perfect hat because besides being small (it can fit comfortably in your pocket) it helps you stay warm and - when it is waterproof - protects you from the rain.

  • Watches and bracelets: must-have accessories for men

Rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces: men's fashion is increasingly enriched by the presence of jewellery accessories and watches. In this 'free-for-all' atmosphere, it is important to choose accessories carefully to define one's own style and personality, for a look with character that identifies us. Gucci, Versace, McQueen and Maison Margiela have definitively legitimised men's jewellery on the catwalk, regardless of style. You have a huge choice, which is why our advice is to choose a unique, custom item that is balanced and in line with your usual style. The AUA coloured ball bracelets, for example, suit every style thanks to the wide variety of colour combinations and matches. They are perfect to wear with t-shirts, smart and sporty shirts, sweatshirts and dresses. You just have to choose the right harmony of styles: don't wait, take a look at our online shop for men's bracelets!

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